Gypsy Dress

Are you tired of layering camisoles, tanks, and tees underneath your clothing to make up for the poor fit? Shabby Apple’s mission is to create clothes that don’t need extra parts and pieces to ensure you feel comfortable and covered.

The longer lengths make them ideal for the vertically blessed. We like this Gypsy dress for its style and sophisticated simplicity. Dress it up or dress it down.

Price: $68.00
Buy Online: Shabby Apple

Extra Long Gloves

Sometimes I purchase a coat from a regular department store and think I’ll have the (always) too-sleeves let out. I never quite get around to doing it, and thus, whenever I raise my arms to gesture or place my hands on the steering wheel, I get a cold draft on my exposed wrist.

Enter these genius extra long gloves I’ve been seeing this season. The extra long cuff makes up for too-short coat or jacket sleeves and leaves me feeling toasty warm.

Price: $16.50
Buy Online: Gap

Coming Soon!

If you’ve stumbled upon my humble website, I’m not quite ready for the launch. I’m still tweaking my template, so there are a lot of dead links. I will be putting up some test posts and shifting things around.

If you’re a tall woman looking for a resource for long length pants, shirts, skirts, and dresses, feel free to subscribe to the site feed and you’ll be the first to know when Tall Moms is ready for public consumption!