Dressy Denim

Think denim can’t be dressy? Think again. Okay, you maybe wouldn’t wear this to a cocktail party, but I think the nice detailing around the hem and waist dresses up this sturdy cotton standby. The slight flare to the skirt makes this flattering on anyone!

Buy online: J. Jill
Price: $69.00

Tall Long Sleeve Sweetheart Neck Top

Banana Republic has got some cute spring tops instock in their tall sizes, but we’re still enduring snow drifts in my neck of the woods. So I’m all about the long sleeved warmth of this sweet top with a button detail sweetheart neck. I can still keep my arms toasty while remembering I do have some skin underneath all of these layers. Now pass me my mittens, will you?

Buy online: Banana Republic
Price: $48.00

Search by Inseam

Search by Inseam is so utterly brilliant, I wish I’d thought of it. Choose which style of pant you’re looking for, then select the inseam length. From Petite 21″ inseams, all the way up to 38″ inseams, there is something for everyone. They even have listings for maternity wear. You can search by brand and narrow your results according to price.

Pure genius.

Slimming Dress Pant

You’re addicted to all of those style shows on television like me, aren’t you? You know what Tim Gunn always says, “NO SIDE POCKETS!” Okay, he doesn’t shout it, maybe. But really who uses those? I never do. Look for pants (dress pants especially) without any side pockets as they’ll add extra bulk in an area where you really don’t need it.

This dressy pant from New York & Company features a slimming flat front, wide waist band, and no side/hip pockets. Perfecto. Inseam is 34.5″.

Buy online: New York & Company
Price: On sale $24.99

Denim Skirt

No doubt about it, a skirt made for a person of average height often looks like a street walker’s skirt on a tall person! I used to get so frustrated as a teenager when my shorter little sister could wear a skirt without my father blinking his eye, but when I put on that same skirt, he wouldn’t let me out of the house.

Long legs are an asset, but maybe you don’t necessarily want to look like a street walker when you’re just running to the post office. This cute denim skirt is short, but long enough to keep a girl feeling like she can bend over without showing the world her undies. Cute pockets and button styling makes this a good basic for any one’s wardrobe.

Buy online: Long Tall Sally
Price: £35.00 (about $70 USD)