Tall Pajamas

Okay so we can find places for long pants and even some tops and sweaters, but what about those of us who like to sleep in some comfortable pajamas?

Long enough pajamas can be a bear to find. We can’t just waltz into Old Navy or the Gap and snatch up those cute print pajama pants without sacrificing ankle coverage. And let’s get real, when we want to lounge around in PJs, we probably haven’t shaved our legs, and having all that prickly nonsense stick out down below ruins the lazy vibe.

The US Tall Girls shop has a slew of cozy sleep wear and robes just for us. But hurry, a lot of it is on sale and the sizes are going fast!

Buy online: Tall Girls
Price: $19.88 and up

Tall Moms website update

If you’re reading through your feed reader, click on through and check out the loads of links for tall shopping in the right hand sidebar. I’ve listed U.S. shops, and the international shops I know of, as well as a section for larger than average shoes.

If you’ve got any tall women’s clothing stores you don’t see listed, give me a holler and I’ll add the link.

I’m also playing with the idea of a tall moms (or tall women / girls) blogroll. Any takers?

Black Jean Jacket

How many times have you tried on a cute jean jacket only to discover the sleeves are too short? Or maybe you went ahead and bought it and keep rolling the sleeves up hoping a 3/4 sleeve on a jean jacket looks jaunty?

Yes, I just used the word jaunty. Well, here’s a jean jacket with long enough sleeves just for you. Cute black denim with some stretch for comfort! Scroll down a bit, the site needs an e-commerce overhaul.

Buy online: Tall Etc.
Price: $108.00

The Classic White Shirt

Okay, I know, I know, you put on a white shirt, and your toddler immediately gives you a peanut butter hug. So save this one for the rare occasion when you actually have somewhere to go. The short sleeves mean less bulk if you layer it under a cardigan and the cute rounded collar means you won’t end up looking like you’re going to a John Travolta disco party. Not that I’d mind going to a disco party, mind you.

Price: On sale for $39.99
Buy Online: Banana Republic