About this Website

Welcome to Talls Anonymous. My name is Rachel, and I am tall. Now you (my support group) say “Hi Rachel”. Wait, hold the phone. I don’t have a disease, and I don’t need support. What I really need are some long inseams, people!

Tall shopping has always been a nightmare. Luckily, tall clothing options have increased in the past decade. But we still have a long way to go. I am here to help you find great clothes for tall women, moms or not.

Please contact me if you find something great that you would like to see featured.

About Me

My name is Rachel, but my family & friends call me RG. I am just a hair under 6’1”, but my goal in life was 6’2”. I have always loved being tall. I love every aspect of it, except for the daunting task of shopping!

I am a mom of four, and I run a tall maternity clothing website called RG Maternity.

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